Letterpressed Type Specimen Notebooks

Letterpressed Type Specimen Notebooks

Printed using vintage 12 line (144 point) wooden type of unknown origin (usually wooden and metal type can be traced back to a maker using the pinmark - a small identifying mark on the side of the block), the letterpress printed covers of these A6 notebooks use a beautiful Serif typeface (just look at that ampersand!) and are inspired by the type specimens that foundries would supply to typesetters and designers as examples of their wares.

The covers are printed in rich black ink on our 1962 Heidelberg Windmill press onto part-recycled, fine Italian cotton paper supplied by Fenner Paper, with the inner 40 pages being plain 118gsm 100% recycled stock with a beautiful tooth - ideal for favourite pens or (our favourite - a 2B pencil).

Size: A6
Pages: 40
Covers: Letterpress on 260gsm Part Recycled Italian Paper
Inners: 118gsm 100% Recycled Plain White